Prosperity possible thru unity of all communities: PM Oli

Kathmandu, Dec 30 : Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has urged one and all to make anti nationalist forces failure as they were active to damage the national harmony and unity.

Addressing a programme organized on the occasion of Tamu Lhosar here in the capital on Sunday, Prime Minister Oli shared that the nation was heading towards prosperity and it could not go back at any cost.

He also said that the government was seriously working out to materialize the government campaign of ‘Happy Nepali: Prosperous Nepal’ as people had a great aspiration of development and good governance from the incumbent government.

Responding the query raised by the community campaigners to announce public holiday on Tamu Lhosar, PM Oli responded that the government will make appropriate decision to respect the festival of all Nepali communities.

He also opined that the national prosperity was possible with joint efforts off all communities. The organizer Tamu society had feted various persons contributing in uplifting the Gurung community. The Gurung community celebrates the Tamu Lhosar as the New Year that falls on Poush 15 each year. RSS

Photo By : Mukunda Kalikote