Adjustment no obstruction to career development of any employee: Minister Pandit

Kathmandu, Jan 4 : The government has said the ‘Employees Adjustment Ordinance- 2075 BS’ would never a barrier for the career development of any of the civil servants.

In his address to a meeting of the National Assembly (NA), the Upper House, today, the Minister made it clear that the Ordinance was brought in a way so that it would never be a bar for the career development of employees.

He informed the meeting that the government task force had presented the matter before the Civil Service Employees Authorised Trade Union for discussions and they (employees) had agreed to accept it.

He claimed that the Ministry had paid a special attention to the management of perks and facilities of all employees and for their career development.

The minister further expressed his hope that all the issues relating to the employees adjustment process would be resolved until the replacement of the ordinance by a bill.

He took a time to say that the government had decided to send employees to the local level so as to make the service delivery for citizens in an easier way at the local level.

Besides, the decision aims to establish the culture of sharing of opportunities and responsibilities.” As he said, the Ordinance was brought to effectively implement the norms and values of the federal government. According to him, other bills relating to the province and local levels’ laws will be presented in the House soon.

The government had paid special focus on the formulation of all laws and acts required in regard with the implementation of federalism.

The Upper House session today endorsed the proposal, presented seeking the approval of the Ordinance. (RSS)