Meeting should be following diplomatic dignity: Minister Gyawali

Kathmandu, Jan 7 : Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has said that Japan is an intimate friendly nation and it has unconditionally supported Nepal for its development and prosperity.

Briefing about his recent visit to Japan and the USA at the meeting of the International Relations Committee of the House of representative here today, Minister Gyawali shared that Japanese labour market was now open for Nepali workers. He also shared about the various projects and infrastructures built with Japanese assistance in the country.

Gyawali said that he had briefed his counterparts and other officials that Nepal had achieved political stability and established environment conducive for investment in Nepal.

Similarly, he said that his recent visit to the USA held after a long gap since 1983 was effective and serious discussions on bilateral ties and other areas of cooperation were discussed.

The USA has already announced support of 500 million US dollar in power transmission line expansion and infrastructure development in Nepal in the context of helping to achieve sustainable development goals. “Investors of different countries including the US have been attracted towards Nepal. Discussion among us is necessary on how to utilize such investment in economic development.”

An understanding has also been reached between Nepal and the USA to maintain uniformity in visa charge.

Saying the decision to roll back the ambassadors was made on the basis of evaluation of their performance and not on political basis, he said, “Attracting investment is the main responsibility and priority of ambassadors as well as promoting tourism and increasing trade. Ambassadors have to know that economic diplomacy is our priority for the same.”

The Foreign Minister said,” The government is forwarding the practice of holding diplomatic meeting with foreigners with diplomatic dignity in centre. He also shared that foreigners were reportedly given priority and easy access in course of meeting with Nepalese leaders and officials but it would be in line with diplomatic discipline.

The Committee had inquired with Minister Gyawali about the diplomatic relations and appointment of ambassadors. RSS