Kathmandu valley requires 21,000 plus CCTV: Study


ACHYUT REGMI, KATHMANDU, Jan 20: The Kathmandu Valley requires the installation of Closed-circuit television (CCTV) at 21,441 locations, according to a recent study by the Metropolitan Traffic Office, Ranipokhari.

The study suggests that a total of 9,117 points in Kathmandu, 5,985 in Bhaktapur and 6,339 in Lalitpur require the fixation of advanced cameras for the security purposes, said Office chief and Deputy Inspector General of Police Shailesh Thapa.

But it is not possible to immediately address the situation. The requirement can be fulfilled gradually.

The report shows that hiring of additional police force in the valley is not necessary if it is equipped with the required number of CCTVs. Presently, there are 529 CCTVs in the valley and only 460 are in operation.

Police, in coordination with the local levels (under the community-police partnership program), have started fixing CCTVs in the most urgent areas. The valley has 21 local levels and the police office have been already established at every level.

Besides, the control room vehicle (CRV) has been put in place at 81 locations for the prompt response to crimes in the Valley.

Despite the provisions of setting up 54 CRVs in Kathmandu, 11 in Bhaktapur and 16 in Lalitpur, the existing number of such vehicles in Kathmandu is less by 10, while Bhaktapur meets the recommended number and one more has to be established in Lalitpur.

Nepal Police has been using the CRV as part of its security system since 2063 BS. With the increase in the population, the additional number of CRV is necessary. The police security system is primarily focused on urban areas. A quota for 11,319 police officers and personnel has been allotted for the Valley, and only 9,398 posts have been occupied.