Need to maintain discipline within party: NC President Deuba


DAMAULI, Jan 20: Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has highlighted the need of maintaining discipline within the party.

Speaking during a party cadres gathering at Damauli, Tanahu today, Deuba said that no one was expected to break the boundary of discipline.

Urging party cadres not to run after a rumor spread in the name of special convention, the former prime minister and party chief presented the idea of intra-party discussions if any grudges were there, but any activities to be operated going against the party’s rules and regulations would not be acceptable. He went on to say that no force would overcome the party if it moved ahead on the basis of unity.

He warned of a disciplinary action against any move breaching rules and regulations. The President utilized the moment to give some words of motivation to party cadres as he said defeats in one or two elections should not be the cause of disappointment.

Deuba claimed that the party statute endorsed by the Mahasamiti meeting was the best one and it was for implementing the principle of inclusion from top to the down in the party.

“The party would not let the GP Koirala National Respiratory Treatment Center based in Shuklagandaki, Tanahu close down”, he reminded, accusing the government failure to ensure justice to victims of murder, violence and rape. He directed cadres to get ready to protest against the government failure.

On the occasion, party General Secretary Dr Sashank Koirala described the absence of internal unity as the major cause behind the party’s ‘ unexpected defeats’ in the last elections and the same pushed the party to this situation.

He informed the gathering that the special convention summoned by the Govinda Raj Joshi faction was in the violation of party statute. He stressed the need of dialogues to sort out the issue.

Party central members Gopalman Shrestha, Ram Sharan Mahat, Shankar Bhandari, Pradeep Poudel, Jeevan Pariyar and former central member Krishna Chandra Nepali said the election results should not be the causes of frustrations among cadres anymore. RSS