National Medical Education Bill: Ruling, opposition head for clash today


KATHMANDU, Jan 25: Even though the plan to forward to National Medical Education Bill for endorsement at the parliament failed on Tuesday due to the strong protest from the opposition party and the scuffle that followed, the government is planning to forcibly push the bill today.

But the main opposition party Nepali Congress (NC) has decided not to remain silent and strongly counter the ruling party’s move—which could lead to yet another struggle at the House today. The parliament is meeting in the afternoon.

It is the parliament‘s culture to stop proceedings, if any of the lawmakers protest the House business. However, the government has vowed to table to bill amid obstruction no matter what, even if they have to breach the parliamentary practice.

The NC has accused the government of not addressing all the agreements reached with Dr Govinda KC in the Bill. But the government has insisted that all the deals reached with Dr KC has been accommodated.

The NC has also showed strong reservation toward cabinet’s decision not to endorse the proposals of the Girija Prasad Koirala Respiratory Hospital and Sushil Koirala Cancer Hospital, named after late NC presidents, to be kept under federal government.