World traveler Thor in Nepal

Torbjørn C Pedersen

KATHMANDU, Jan 30: Danish Red Cross goodwill ambassador and world traveler, Torbjørn C Pedersen, has arrived in Nepal in course of his world tour.

Nepal is the 179th country in his world tour. He reached here on Monday as part of his mission of setting a new world record travelling only by road and seaway, and not using aeroplane.

He visited the Blood Transfusion Center run by Nepal Red Cross Society at Balkumari on Tuesday and donated his blood, Nepal Red Cross Society said. “Blood donation is a great work of humanitarian service. It is a good means for service, cooperation and self-satisfaction. The same blood runs in the body of all human beings,” he said after donating blood.

Also known as Thor, Pedersen set out on world tour since 2013. He has so far traveled 243 thousand kilometers. He is planning to return home only after touring 200 countries around the world.

To the query as to when he would be completing his world tour, Thor said, “I plan to complete my world tour by the end of 2020.”

During his visit to the Nepal Red Cross Society’s central office, the Danish Red Cross’ goodwill ambassador, acquired information on the Nepal Red Cross’ humanitarian activities, disaster management works and emergency center.

The Danish Red Cross is providing financial and technical support to the Nepal Red Cross Society.

On the occasion, Nepal Red Cross president Sanjeev Thapa and deputy general secretary Hari Neupane had briefed the Danish Red Cross goodwill ambassador Thor about the various humanitarian works carried out at the community level by Nepal Red Cross Society.

Thor also visited the historic Hanumandhoka Durbar and the Patan Durbar, the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, during his visit, chief of Nepal Red Cross Society’s Communications Department, Divya Raj Poudel, said. RSS