Prachanda statement on US intervention in Venezuela just: Poudel

Devendra Poudel

KATHMANDU, Feb 3: Nepal Communist Party leader Devendra Poudel Sunday said that Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s statement on the United States intervention in Venezuela was just, arguing that a nation should not intervene in other nation’s internal affairs.

On January 25, Dahal issued a statement in support of Nicolas Maduro, and denounced US intervention, which drew criticisms from the US and some of its allies.

The press release signed by Dahal stated: “NCP issues this statement in support of the people of Venezuela, the sovereignty of the state and the recognition of democratically elected constitutional President of Nicolas Maduro. NCP also strongly denounces the US and its intervention in the internal affairs of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with the intention of increasing the violence by dividing the people and challenging democracy, sovereignty and peace.”

“It is an unacceptable intrusion in internal affairs and an attempt of imperialist coup.”

Dahal’s press statement prompted the US Embassy in Kathmandu seek clarification which said if the statement coming from the ruling party chair was the official position of the government.

Later Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, “Nepal believes that internal political problems of a country need to be resolved within its constitutional parameters in a democratic manner, free from external interference.”

However, the US officials have said that the ministry’s statement fails to clear any air of confusions stating that its content contained no different intentions as compared to Dahal’s previous statement, according to sources.

Poudel said that Dahal’s statement will not strain the diplomatic ties between Nepal and US.

Venezuelan political turmoil took a dramatic turn after the opposition leader Juan Guaido, who is leading massive street protest after President Nicolas Maudro secured six-year term last May in a disputed election, declared himself the interim president.

The US recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president on January 23. Britain, France, Germany and Spain — have said they will do likewise unless Maduro calls presidential elections by midnight on Sunday.