President calls for modernization and updating of Sanskrit

Devghat Birat Gyan Mahayagya 2075, Bidya Devi Bhandari

CHITWAN, Feb 5: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has spoken of the need of making the Sanskrit education timely and modernizing it.

The Head of State was addressing the Devghat Birat Gyan Mahayagya 2075 and the Gyan Sabha in Devghat today. The religious ritual and assembly is organised on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee anniversary of Mahesh Sannyas Ashram and Mahesh Sanskrit Gurukula.

President Bhandari said that the attraction of younger generation should be increased towards Sanskrit learning.

Describing the gurukula system of education as the foundation of modern education, she said the moral conduct, practice and discipline as per the gurukula education system helped in promoting humanitarian goodwill, love and brotherhood by always guiding the life of humans towards the welfare of society.

The President said that the precepts of Sanskrit literature which aim to make humankind happy and blissful physically and mentally were invaluable. “It might be difficult to highlight our civilization, culture and identity if the gurukula education was put in the back burner,” she said, highlighting the importance of the gurukula system of education. The President also stressed on the need of promoting the gurukula education.

Head of State Bhandari also urged the government to pay attention to developing Devghatdham into a tourist area as there is much feasibility for the same.

Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Thama Maya Thapa said the government would give priority for the development of Devghat area.

Peethadhish of the Galeshwar Ashram Mahamandaleshwar Swami Atmananda Giri said the promotion and publicity of Vedic religion would be helpful in the country’s development not an obstacle.

Harihar Snnyas Ashram Peethadhish and chair of Nepal Sant Samaj, Gyanananda Saraswati expressed displeasure as the majority sentiments of the people were not taken into account while declaring Nepal as a secular country.

Peethadhish of Mahesh Snnyas Ashram, Ramanananda Giri gave various informations regarding the Gurukula.

Lawmaker Kisan Shrestha, chairman of Devghat rural municipality Durga Bahadur Thapa, chair of the Devghat Development Committee, Shivaraj Poudel, among others also spoke on the importance of the Sanskrit heritage, the gurukula education and the development of Devghatdham.

On the occasion, President Bhandari also inaugurated a newly constructed building at the gurukula. The building has 42 rooms and it was constructed with the monetary donation made by 35 people in memory of their ancestors.

The building was constructed at a cost of Rs 45 million. Classes from Grade 6 to Master’s level would be run from the new building of the gurukula school.
The Mahayagya ritual will run till February 13. RSS