House passes Employees’ Adjustment Bill

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KATHMANDU, Feb 8: A meeting of the House of Representatives, the Lower House in the bicameral Federal Parliament, Friday endorsed the ‘Employees Adjustment Bill-2075 BS’.

The meeting unanimously passed the proposal presented by Minister for Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, Rabindra Adhikari, on behalf of the Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration, seeking the endorsement of the Bill.

The Bill aims to adjust employees at the federal, province and local levels.

Taking part in the discussions on theoretical aspects of the Bill, lawmakers from the ruling parties said the employee management issue should be handled by the federal government until an end to political transition in the country.

Opposition lawmakers described the decision from the central government regarding the arrangements and appointment of employees against the principle of decentralization.

In his response to queries raised during the discussion session, Minister Adhikari said the employee adjustment was the need of the hour to make the interrelations among the three-levels effective.

As he informed to the House, a total of 77,034 employees have chosen to go for adjustment. He hinted the possibility of introducing and implementing an Act by the province and local governments in regard with the appointment and arrangements of employees as per the necessity in post-political transition phase.

Prem Suwal, Rekha Sharma, Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel, Maheshwor Jung Gahatraj, Sarita Giri, Sanjay Kumar Gautam, Dilendra Prasad Badu, Bharat Kumar Shah, Gajendra Bahadur Mahat, Khagaraj Adhikari and Yasoda Subedi among others took part in the discussions.

The Lower House shall meet again at 12:00 noon of February 12. RSS