PM Oli cautions against tendency of obstructing development

69th Democracy Day Program Main Committee

KATHMANDU, Feb 11: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has called for caution against the tendency of robbing of (the state coffers) and obstructing the nation’s development, which, according to him, still prevailed in various pretexts.

Addressing the 69th Democracy Day Program Main Committee meeting at the Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday, he expressed concern over what he termed as activities directed at creating confusion among the people once again despite the opportunity, room and provision of forming another government in place of the incumbent government, changing the present system and amending the constitution.

As the PM said the people were the supreme in democracy since there is the parliament elected by the people under the constitution and the political system chosen by the people, and the responsibility has come now to guide the country ahead on the path of good governance and development by protecting and truly utilizing the past achievements.

According to him, the nation has embraced an advanced and wider democracy than in the past. “The democracy that has been adopted now has taken Nepal into a new era by exploring a new way. So, the country has now started moving ahead as per the democratic practices,” Prime Minister Oli elucidated.

Stating that many challenges have come even at present, he said, “Only some days back, the machine and office of the Arun III (hydroelectricity project) came under arson attack, causing damage. This is not an incident of only setting fire to a machine and vandalising the office of a project, it is a criminal act carried out with the ill intention of pushing the country towards a dark age and that Nepal should not be electrified, energy should not be produced, foreign investment should not come and there should not be development.”

The PM further said, “The people can express their aspirations, the people are sovereign; this is the truth. Therefore, we should not get entangled in other tendencies.”

The 69th Democracy Day Program Main Committee is chaired by the Prime Minister. Today’s meeting of the main committee decided to celebrate the Democracy Day in a grand manner. RSS