New bill aims to stop social sites going anti-social

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KATHMANDU, Feb 16: As the social networking sites prevail more with negativities than positive contents, the government is trying to find a way to bring such trend into a framework.

The new ‘bill made in regard to management of information technology, 2075’ registered in the Federal Parliament has put the provision to register their names from the individuals in the Information Technology Department if they opt to run the social networking sites.

The social networking sites operating in Nepal prior to the practice of the Act should get registered in the Department in the given timeline; while the government can impose a ban in the social sites that are not registered in Nepal.

With the implementation of new laws, the social networking sites like Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram should be registered in Nepal. The sites could be brought into operation in Nepal only after their registration.

For lack of their registration, the outflow of money through the social sites was still not tracked. According to an informal record, Facebook alone takes nearly Rs 12.7 billion from Nepal.

In some cases, contents harming social harmony are also disseminated in the social networking sites.

Realizing the need for a separate law, the government registered the bill in the parliament though such cases were registered under the cyber crime in the past. The new bill has incorporated some issues with strict provision prohibiting dissemination in the social sites.

Disrespect to labor, promoting caste-based discrimination and untouchability and challenge to law and order are proposed to restrict through the social sites in the new bill.

The bill has proposed to slap up to Rs 1.5 million in fine and up to five years in jail to the wrongdoers based on the severity of the crime.