‘Appear in the next exam’, TU utter negligence affecting hundreds of students

TU Office of the Controller of Examinations

By Aditya Dahal

KATHMANDU, Feb 26: The Tribhuvan University (TU), in the results of BBS 3rd year- 2074 BS, issued a notice stating the answer sheets of 69 students of Sindhuli Multiple Campus were missing, requiring them to sit for a re-examination.

Even though, the affected students initially protested the calling it the university’s ‘sheer negligence’ stating it would affect their future, they were left with no option but to give in to its order and reappear in the examination.

Ganesh Dahal of Sindhupalchowk who attended the Bachelor’s second year (regular) exams from the Chabahil-based Pashupati Multiple Campus was taken by surprise when he saw the result sheet that stated he was passed in four subjects and absent in one.

He visited the TU Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) in Balkhu several times with the proof of attendance record in all five papers, but, to his dismay, he was greeted with a cold and terse response by the TU officials.

Dahal, then, registered his complaint at the Hello Sarkar, the government official portal to listen to public grievances, following which the university admitted that his paper was lost, promising to find it. After a year, Dahal still has no idea when the TU OCE will find his ‘missing’ answer script.

Shyam Sundar Yadav has a story to share with about the irresponsibility on the part of the country’s oldest university. His daughter Chandrika Kumari passed the Bachelor-level and her mark-sheet also showed that she had passed the examination.

But her happiness turned to be short-lived after her transcript detailed that she was absent in exam. Yadav visited TU many times in a bid to make correction in the transcript. But the TU staffs never responded to him professionally, leaving him annoyed. “Why all this?,” he wondered.

These are just a few representative cases that show how hundreds of TU students have been affected and tortured by anomalies of Office and the negligence of its staff.

After the results are published, hundreds of students reach the examination controller’s office at Balkhu carrying similar grievances resulted from the TU officials’ weakness in handling the answer sheets.

But, the OCE staffs frequently respond them with a readymade answer, “Appear in next exam”.

TU is not only an academic institute, but also the future of scores of students across the country associated with it.

Controller of Examinations, Pushpa Raj Joshi admitted that answer sheets of some students were missed, and they are being searched for.

“Still no progress, once it gets, students will be informed,” he said.

The OCE carries out many works related to organization and educational administration. In terms of its responsibility, it has to carry out many works related to the students’ academic certificates and transcripts, remaining close to the students.

But a minor error of this vital body of the university has made the future of many a student uncertain.

Not to speak about the hassles related to obtaining the transcript, there are so many instances of negligence and anomalies within the OCE that hundreds of students have to suffer as the Office is found issuing wrong registration number and also misplacing the exam answer scripts.

“The web of anomaly in the Tribhuvan University is indescribable. This is palpable more so at the OCE at Balkhu in the form of the office employees’ utter negligence in preparing students’ transcript, mark-sheet, assigning registration number to students and proper handling of the answer scripts. Sometimes, the students also have to face the rude and cold behavior of the employees,” an annoyed student shared.

A large number of students can be seen making rounds at the OCE at Balkhu every year whenever the results are published, applying to make corrections in the spelling of their name and their registration number or mark-sheets. The students have to pay a certain fee for correcting such mistakes and slips on the part of the OCE.

One more anomaly that has proliferated at TU is the emergence of the middlepersons. Students do not get their mark-sheets and certificates even though they fulfill all the process for acquiring one. The OCE employees are accused of dilly-dally in providing these papers to the students in one or the other pretext or lapses, complained Sushil Ghimire of Sindhuli, a student at Baneshwar Multiple Campus.

There are also no sign boards at the different sections at the Office of the Controller of Examinations where service seekers from across the country come for getting various works done, including taking mark-sheets, certificates, transcripts etc. There is not even a citizen charter explaining the processes that a service seeker needs to fulfill for getting a certain work done from the OCE.

This sorry state of affairs at the OCE of the country’s oldest and largest university begs for drastic reforms to make its works effective to the extent of satisfaction of the students.