Nepal urges India and Pakistan to seek solution through peaceful means


KATHMANDU, Feb 28: The government of Nepal has called on India and Pakistan to seek solution through dialogue and peaceful means in order to ease the ongoing tension and normalize the situation

Issuing a press release on Wednesday, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the government of Nepal is concerned about the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan following the terrorist attack on security convoy in Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir on February 14, 2019.

At least 41 paramilitary troops were killed when a van packed with explosives ripped through a convoy bringing 2,500 troopers back from leave in Kashmir.

“It may be recalled that Nepal immediately condemned the heinous terrorist act,” the press release stated.

“As the current Chair of SAARC, Nepal, while underlining the importance of peace and stability in South Asia, calls on both sides to exercise utmost restraint and not engage in actions that would threaten peace and security in the region. It also urges them to seek solution through dialogue and peaceful means in order to ease tension and normalize the situation.”

The India-Pakistan bilateral relation took a dramatic turn after New Delhi accused Pakistan of sheltering militants behind one of the deadliest attacks in three decades in Kashmir.  In reaction to the attack, India withdrew Most Favored Nation trade status to Pakistan and raised tariffs on all Pakistani imports to 200 percent in a bid to ensure complete isolation from the international community of Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also vowed “heavy price” against the attack stating “the terrorist groups and their masters that they have committed a big mistake.”

In the latest escalation, both nuclear armed rivals said that they have shot down each other’s warplanes on Wednesday.

Pakistan said it downed two Indian jets in airspace and captured one pilot. India’s foreign ministry demanded the “immediate and safe return” of the pilot, calling on Pakistan to ensure no harm comes to him.

New Delhi also confirmed the loss of one of its planes and said it had shot down a Pakistani fighter jet.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has closed its airspace “until further notice”.