Govt focused on publicity rather than action: Deuba


JANAKPUR, March 3: Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has accused the government of focusing toward publicity rather than action.

“The government has not achieved anything significant during its one year period. This government is getting only getting oriented toward publicity rather than performing action,” said Deuba speaking at a press meet organized by Nepal Press Union Dhanusha chapter on Sunday.

The former prime minister also accused that government of conducting activities intended to weaken the federalism, adding that the Nepali Congress (NC) is playing effective role of the opposition.

“The government is trying to control press, which is unacceptable to Nepali Congress. Free press is essential to strengthen democracy,” he said.

“NC will not tolerate the government’s attempts to curtail citizen’s right to free expression and information via online media and social media,” he added.

Dueba also demanded that the reality behind the wide-body purchase be brought to light.

According to him, Janakpurdham could be made the capital city of Province 2 because it has born the glorious history, culture and religious civilization.

Similarly, he suggested that Province 2 could prioritize the Maithili language as it is cultured and prosperous language.