Terms used wisely in agreement with CK Raut, claims Home Minister Thapa

Ram Bahadur Thapa

KATHMANDU, March 10: Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has said he was surprised to receive reactions from various angles on the political agreement forged between the government and the free Madhes alliance. As he said he was not expecting it, but the happiness and excitement.

Home Minister Thapa said this in response to the demand the lawmakers made at today’s meeting of the House of Representatives on the recent agreement between government and CK Raut.

“In whatever way the reactions have come, they have contributed to government stand on country’s sovereignty and independence,” he said, adding that the allegation of government’s recklessness on some points of the agreement is mere illusion. “Agreement between government and CK Raut is historic in terms of protecting Nepal’s sovereignty and integrity.”

The Home Minister further urged all not to worry that the agreement weakens the country. “Constitution has not imagined the split of any part from the country. Some may have been confused on the word ‘abhimat’, but is does not have ambiguity. The terms in the agreement are wisely selected.

According to him, at a time when there were two kinds of groups acting against country’s independence and sovereignty, the group acting for country’s division has joined peaceful way for country’s sovereignty and independence. It is therefore for country’s interest, he asserted, underscoring that it further helps strengthen peace and security.

Moreover, Minister Thapa claimed he was not telling lies that the agreement the government made was to hold referendum to split Tarai/Madhes from the country. But, it means Madhesi people’s socio economic and cultural rights would be addressed in democratic way. It is everyone’s duty to protect country’s independence, integrity and sovereignty, so it is not good to see this agreement as treacherous and against constitution.

He however made it clear that if the Madhes alliance made the view that the agreement paved way for referendum, it was against agreement.

The reports of the commission on investigation of Madhes agitation would be made public as per the need. RSS