Dinesh Sunar eyeing third Guinness World Record in Parkour

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KATHMANDU, March 12: Dinesh Sunar has attempted for the third Guiness World Record in ‘most twisting back flips off a wall in 30 seconds’ completing 11 back flips in 30 seconds.

Sunar, also known as ‘Parkour Dinesh’, submitted an official application to the Guiness Book of World Records on Monday organizing a press conference at Reporters’ Club Nepal. The event was hosted by World Freerunning Parkour Federation.

Born in Khotang, the 25-year old gymnast already has two world records in his name. He holds the record for staggering 18 back flips in the most twisting back flips off a wall in one minute, which achieved in 2017. He also set record for 16 back flips in most back flips in 30 seconds in January 2018.

The rules for this attempt implies that each flip must be a full mid-air 360 degree rotation backwards in a barrel-roll twist while in the air, and then land facing the wall.

Sunar is an officer of the Armed Police Force and his section is gynmastic at the department where he “make use of his athletic talent”.

According to Sunar, his skill was noticed when he participated in a Parkour competition in Khotang. He then came to Kathmandu to learn gymnastics. Sunar has bagged two gold medals and a silver medal in gymnastics in National Games.

But Sunar says, his passion has always been Parkour.

“I’ve been doing gymnastics and parkour since I was 15 years old, but my passion is and will always be parkour.  I taught myself parkour…  I practiced on the sand, on the ground, on rivers and rocks, until I could do everything,” said Sunar while submitting the application.

His talent also landed him an opportunity to practice in the US for two moths. He then got a wildcard to participate in the USA Parkour Cup participated by athletes from 80 different countries, where he finished eighth.

He said that he aims to make Nepal known to the world set more records in Parkour.

Also a stuntman, Sunar has worked as stuntman in 15 Nepali and one Bollywood movies.