Government restricts Biplav’s activities

CPN (Maoist) biplab Netra Bikram Chand- Photo: Mukunda Kalikote

KATHMANDU, March 12: The government has decided to restrict the activities of the semi-underground Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) led by Netra Bikram Chand.

A cabinet meeting held at the Prime Minister’s residence on Tuesday took the decision to outlaw Biplav’s activities citing that CPN was losing its political character.

The government’s move come following a series of bombings and extortion carried out by the CPN in various parts of the country targeting wealthy businessmen rejecting the government’s call for a dialogue. The government started crackdown on Biplav group’s activities following the multiple bomb blasts on Ncell towers across the country including Nakhhu which claimed one life and injured two.

“It is the duty of the State to control them as they were gradually losing a political character,” said Foreign Minister Pradip Kumar Gyawali after the meeting.

Accordingly, the government has decided to control the activities of the party.

“Concluding that the group’s activities were of criminal nature, the government decided to prohibit its activities,” he added.

With the decision, the party could be restricted from carrying out political functions and rallies

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