RJPN to obstruct House until Girish Chandra Lal Commission report is published


KATHMANDU, March 18: The Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) has decided to obstruct the meeting of the House of Representatives until the government publicizes the Girish Chandra Lal Commission report on Madhes protest.

The RJPN, for the third time, obstructed the meeting on Sunday, demanding the publication of report.

“Unless the government publishes the commission’s report, we will continue to obstruct the parliament,” RJPN presidium member Ani Jha said.

The commission formed to probe into the killings and violent incidents that took place during the 2015/16 Madhes protest in September 2016, submitted its report in December 2017. The commission investigated 3,264 complaints lodged by victims, ordinary citizens and political parties to prepare the report.

However, the government has yet to publish the Lal report.

The RJPN has also accused the government of concealing the truth. According to Jha, the report will help identify perpetrator from both sides.

66 people, including 10 security personnel and one 18-month-old child, were killed during the Madhes protests. Of them, 56 were civilians.