Govt instructs local levels to collect details of the unemployed

Prime Minister Employment Program

KATHMANDU, March 21: The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security has instructed all the local levels to collect details of the unemployed people at the respective units—as part of the Prime Minister Employment Program, which has guaranteed a minimum of 100 days’ employment to the unemployed one fiscal year.

Under-secretary at the Prime Minister Employment Program Section at the Ministry, Dr Loknath Bhusal issued the directive to all the local levels through the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration on Thursday.

The Ministry has assigned the employment coordinator at all the local levels for collecting the particulars of the unemployed people at each local level.

According to Bhusal, the local level, where the employment coordinator has not been assigned, are directed to themselves mobilize one of their employees to collect the particulars of the unemployed.

The government has mobilized the employment coordinators to 485 local levels.

The process of assigning the coordinator in remaining local levels has been forwarded.

The government has already called for registering the names of the unemployed persons at the local levels by April 13.

As per the PM Employment Program, if the 100 days’ employment cannot be given to a person, the government shall give 50 per cent of the remuneration as living allowance for the number of days unemployed. RSS