Police arrest 10 members of Share Investor Pressure Group

Nepal stock exchange, Share Investor Pressure Group

KATHMANDU, March 26: Police have arrested representatives of Share Investor Pressure Group, who had been staging a sit-in at Bhadrakali-based office of Nepal Stock Exchange.

The group staged the sit-in, saying its demand put forth for development of share market was not addressed.

Police arrested 10 group members at a time when they were ready to stage a sit-in at the gate of the Stock Exchange Office.

Superintendent of Police, Basudev Khatiwada, said that the group members were arrested as Singha Durbar area is prohibited area for launching demonstration and agitation.

A group member Tilak Koirala said that police brought them under control by using force while they were staging a peaceful sit-in to draw the attention of the body concerned, demanding to implement the past agreement signed by Finance Ministry. RSS