Constitution will be amended and revised as per people’s need: Chair Dahal

constitution amendment

KATHMANDU, April 30: Chairperson of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the constitution could be amended and revised as per the need as it was a living and dynamic document.

Chair Dahal said, “Constitution will be amended and revised as per the need and demands of the people. The NCP is clear on it.”

Welcoming leaders and cadres of Madhes Tarai Forum, active in State-2, to the NCP today, he said that he took initiatives to amend the constitution to ensure maximum rights to the people.

A process would be started by holding discussion with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for the same, added Chair Dahal. Also the former Prime Minister, Dahal said that preparation was underway to bring a special programme in Tarai Madhes.

He said, “The government has put the construction of the postal highway in priority. Works for the construction of fast track linking Tarai-Madhes with Kathmandu Valley have been moved ahead.” The NCP chair further said that the state-2 government has not been moving ahead in favor of Madhesi people.

On the occasion, chairperson of Madhes Tarai party Amar Yadav announced the merger of the party in NCP. RSS