Bishnu Paudel got eight annas of Lalita Niwas land as bonus: Min Bishwokarma

Min Bishwokarm, Lalita Niwas, Lalita Niwas land scam

KATHMANDU, April 30: Main opposition party Nepali Congress leader Min Bishwokarma has accused Bishnu Paudel, leader of ruling Nepal Communist Party, of having hand in illegally transferring the 114 ropanies of Lalita Niwas land to individual ownership.

“Bishnu Paudel acquired eight annas of land at Lalita Niwas as a gift for making all the political arrangements to illegally transfer the nationalized property to various individuals and business houses, he accused while speaking at an interaction program organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal on Tuesday.

“I have heard that the land was passed in his son’s name as safe landing because he knew it would not be safer,” he added.

Paudel has been facing criticism for possessing the land at Lalita Niwas, which was transferred to his ownership illegally by land mafias in 2005, January 13. Paudel has claimed that he bought the plot from the wife of Shobhakanta, Uma Dhakal and Madhavi Subedi fulfilling all the legal procedures.

“Paudel should resign on moral grounds,” BIshwokarma added.

“The government should seriously probe into the Lalita Niwas land scam. Not only Paudel but also all the individuals who are involved in illegally privatization of the public properties should be punished.”

According to reports, about 100 individuals including big business houses Bhatbhatini, Goyal, Sarda, Chachan, Kediya, Gopal Khanal Group, Shobakanta Dhakal, Ram Kumar Subedi, Purushottam Paudel illegally own the 114 ropanies of Lalita Niwas land, which was nationalized in 1964– by duly compensating the rightful owners.