Policy, programs focused to upgrade country to middle income status

Government policies and programs

KATHMANDU, May 3: The government made public its policy and programs with a commitment to upgrade the country to a middle-income state by 2022.

The government prepared 25-year long term plan for the purpose.

President Bidya Devi Bhandari presented the government’s policies and programs in the joint session of the federal parliament on Friday.

The policies and programs have incorporated the commitment to accelerate infrastructure development with timely completion.

The investment to this end would be made through collective efforts of private, public and government.

A coordination mechanism among the three-tier of government, land use policy, completion of the construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport by 2019 will be implemented.

Similarly, the construction of the railway to link Kathmandu with India and China would begin within two years.

Construction work of Nijgadh International Airport would be accelerated soon and mid hill highway and postal highway completed immediately.

The policies and programs have also prioritized industrialization, mine excavation among other various policies and programs. RSS