Govt policies and programs: Relation among 3-tiers of governments to be made systematic

Government policies and programs

KATHMANDU, May 3: The government is to further strengthen relations among three-tiers of governments with effective coordination, cooperation and collaboration.

Presenting the government’s policies and programs for the coming fiscal year 2019/20 at the joint session of the federal parliament on Friday, President Bidya Devi Bhandari said that inter-state council, state coordination council and inter-government finance council would be made active for coordination and collaboration among the three levels.

“Necessary human resources will be mobilized to make the administrative structure of the federation, states and local levels action-oriented”, read the policies and programs.

The policies and programs state that financial transfer to states and local levels from the government would be made equitable by analyzing the necessity and capability.

Also, the equitable state development strategy would be adopted in order to develop general people’s feelings of respect and ownership of the country.

The government is to run development programs along with specific identity on the basis of potentials of states and local levels.

The capacity of states and local levels would be enhanced and the coordinative role of the District Coordination Committee made effective, according to the policies and programs. RSS