Contractors start blacktopping Bouddha-Tusal road segment

Chabahil-Sankhu road section

KATHMANDU, May 16: A week after the locals resorted to streets protesting the delay in the blacktopping of the under-construction Chabahil-Sankhu road section, the contractors have begun blacktopping the road from Tusal chowk to Bouddha Stupa chowk.

The enraged locals–who had obstructed the Chabahil-Shankhu road section since morning on May 9–had pressured the contracting company United Builders and Engineers Pvt Ltd to immediately blacktop the road to get rid of the dusty and muddy road.

The contractors were hired to expand the 11.46-kilometer road segment almost four years ago but the construction works were delayed under various pretexts. Expansion of the road section had begun in October 2015 to lay the pipelines for Melamchi Water Supply Project.

Following the protest, the Bouddha Trade Association, local residents’ group, Shree Tusal Youth Club and United Builders had reached a six-point agreement. The tasks in the agreement included immediate blacktopping of the Bouddha-Tusal road segment, completing groundwork to blacktop the Bouddha Gate – Jorpati section, sprinkling water regularly to settle the dust, maintenance of drain and pipelines.

The locals had warned if the construction works are not carried out breaching the agreement, they would continue the protest.

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