Stability, development, prosperity ultimate goal: PM Oli (with Republic Day photo feature)

17th Republic Day

KATHMANDU, May 29: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said mentality dominated and controlled by inherited supremacy could not be a glorious culture of Nepali.

Stating the glorious history of Nepal began with the republic states, ancient civilization and freedom was at a high scale, the PM said the nation of inherited supremacy was just a myth.

In his address a special ceremony organized Wednesday at Army Pavilion, Tundikhel, on the occasion of 12th Republic Day, the PM, also the coordinator of the Republic Day main celebration committee said any move and gesture not acknowledging the achievements of people would be against the essence of the democratic republic.

He was of the view of protecting and promoting the legacy of the democratic republic to practice through its institutionalization. Recalling the ancient history, the PM said, “Those ancient leading figures depicted as kings in history were republic heroes in the real sense because they used to be chosen by people. But those who stormed into power through undemocratic ways on the ground of inherited supremacy were the protectors and promoters of feudalism, not kings.”

The ancient Mithialanchal carrying the glorious history of intellectuality and wisdom had Maharshis as its rulers and Suddhodhan of ancient Shakya republic state was also a republic hero (king), he said, adding that Siddhartha Gautam had left home and distanced himself from the family love and bond in search of knowledge and peace to find an end to vicious chain of sufferings, pains, conflicts and unrest governing the human life.

Four-hundred and sixty-one years ago, whoever would win the race at Ligligkot would become the king for the locality throughout a year and such custom was enough to say that our ancient history was a matter of pride.

Later, the culture of ruling the people on the basis of muscle power, conspiracy and mean trick, the prime minister added.

“Today is the glorious historic day that established the system as per people’s aspiration by ending such series. It is the victory of people and defeat of aristocracy. It is the victory as it is the justice done against the imposed system,” he explained.

According to him, the ultimate goal of the country is peace, stability, development, prosperity and good governance. As he stated, the government was for the campaign to ensure the realization of democracy at people’s level.

“Our efforts are on for good governance and development,” he added.

The PM further asserted that the irrelevant policy and structures were scrapped to pave way for good governance and development. It is a major responsibility of the governments at all levels to work for prosperity.

He argued, “Government has improved relations with neighbors and created atmosphere for utilization of resources and cooperation with effective diplomacy. Even those challenging national integrity were brought to the mainstream. Those favoring instability are now helpless.”

The government was forwarding the development projects focused on the creation of jobs, increase of production and self-reliance on essential goods, the PM reminded. Stating that the government was determined to bring happiness in the face of Nepali people, PM Oli expressed his confidence that people from all walks of life would join the government’s motto of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’.

PM Oli said, “Republic is not only a governance system but also a system of overall social transformation. Calling for the goodwill of one and all is the essence of our republic.”

He viewed that the Republic Day would make people aware of the meaningful practice of republic, be aware of the dignity of the highest institution elected by the people.

Present at the event organized by the Republic Day Main Organizing Committee were President, Chief Justice, Speaker of the National Assembly, Chairperson of the National Assembly, Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister for Defense, Minister for Home Affairs among others, high-ranking officials and security officers.

On the occasion, Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police had performed a parade and a special march-past while a cultural procession featuring various cultures of different castes and communities inside Kathmandu and Lalitpur metropolitan cities was also shown.

The Nepal Army had showered flowers from a helicopter.RSS




Photos: Mukunda Kalikote