Agreement between two parties is not a new issue. No need to make it worse, says PM Oli (With video)

UML-Maoist Center unification agreement

KATHMANDU, June 1: The power-sharing deal reached between the then CPN-UML and then CPN (Maoist Center) before unification is not a new topic, thus it need not be exaggerated, said Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli.

Following Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s interview—in which he said he was confident PM Oli will respect the agreement and optimistic about getting the premiership of the party leadership once the Oli completes two-and-half-year at office—and a reported leak of the secret five-point agreement between the two chairs, a fresh debate on who will head the government has erupted in Nepali politics.

“Last year, we reached an agreement and announced unification. No need to blow the balloon like it is a new subject. No need to exaggerate it like it’s a big problem. No need to make it worse. The agreement was made public a year ago,” said the prime minister talking to Rishi Dhamala while returning home from New Delhi attending the swearing-in ceremony of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Oli was disappointed that “issues like this always find a space when I am on foreign trips”.

“Stability is about policy, about the majority government and the cooperation and consensus among the leaders.”

Insiders have suggested that the ‘secret agreement ‘ might have leaked by the Maoist leaders to exert pressure on Oli to keep to the agreement that states “the two chairmen of the ruling party will lead the government based on equality for equal periods of time.”

When asked if he would share the premiership with Dahal for equal period going against the mandate of the full term given by the people.

“I don’t want to discuss this now. Whatever we agreed is on the paper,” Oli said.

“Only this morning, I told a media that if they become happy when I step down, I will resign. If no one debates on the development of the country, how will the country prosper? How will there be stability? Where is the subject of love toward the nation? …that works in the interest of the people and the country? I wonder about such trends of some people. I have no comments on this.”

PM Oli also clarified that he and Dahal have a good and positive relationship.

“Our relationship has not soured,” he said.

“We unified after reaching the agreement. It is not necessary to publicize the things that jeopardize the unification between the two parties. This will go as per the agreement.”

The prime minister said that during his visit to India, discussions on making India-Nepal bilateral relation even more positive were held with Modi.