EPS-TOPIK (Korean language) exam center published (With notice)

EPS-TOPIK exam center notice

KATHMANDU, June 2: The EPS department, Gwarkho has published exam centers for first stages of the EPS-TOPIK (Korean language) test scheduled for June 8 and June 9.

As many as 92,376 aspirant workers have registered their application for this year’s Korean language test—which is 10,112 more than the previous year.

Of them, 63,487 have applied for production sector while 28,886 have applied for the agriculture sector. Of the total applicants, 77,393 are male and 14983 are female.

According to Human Resource Development in South Korea, the Korean government is recruiting 10,050 Nepali workers in 2020. Of them, 7,050 will be recruited for the production sector and 3000 will be in working in the agriculture sector.

The application for the EPS Korea language test was opened on March 22 and closed on March 31..