I will make corrupt individuals public and people will black smear their face: Mayor Dwarika Lal Chaudhary (with video)

Dwarika Lal Chaudhary controversy


Dwarika Lal Chaudhary, mayor of Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City said he will make an apology in public if everybody says he committed a mistake. But, he said, he will not ask for forgiveness just because journalist Birat Anupam tells him to do so.

Mayor Chaudhary has been dragged into a number of controversies including the recent one when he said he would reward 10 million rupees to any person who breaks journo Anupam’s nose.

Taking to Rishi Dhamala on a popular television talk show Janata Janna Chahanchan, Mayor Chaudhary said he has realized his mistake by saying announcing such reward against a media person.

“But what provoked me to do so? Some media houses like Purbi Bazar has been after me for years always trying to defame him,” said Chaudhary.

“I am a little aggressive but I am an honest person. Their behavior toward me was completely wrong.”

“There are some media houses who do irresponsible journalism. Editor of Purbi bazaar and journalist Anupam has always attacked my character be in on publication media or facebook post. This has been going on for almost two years now.”

“You can see the reports of Purbi Bazar. You can see the statuses of Anupam.”

“I accept I said I will reward 10 million for breaking his nose. But I was angry because of his activities. Who reads Beda when in anger?”

“But I am the son of a farmer. I don’t have money of such amount.”

“Yes, I commented on his post ‘Chatukar Patrakar’ on one of his posts. After seeing the comment, he called me to ask why I wrote such comment.”

“I replied to him he is a chatukar, so I wrote it.”

According to Chaudhary some media houses are not working for the people but in the interest of corrupt individuals.

“Not all journalists have good intention. There are some media houses who serve mafias, brokers and capitalists instead of serving people.”

“He repeatedly called me. Then I lost my patience.”

“Can he publish whatever he wants on his facebook post? He has no right to attack my character.”

“Yes, I have realized my mistake. As a people’s representative, I should not have done so. But I am not ready to beg a public apology just because Anupam asks for it.”

Chaudhary clarified that his party (Nepal Communist Party) has not officially said he has done mistakes but it was some leaders’ opinion.

“I saw the status of Shankhar Pokharel and Yogesh Bhattarai. I respect them a lot. They are my leaders. But they should have first tried to find out the reasons behind this.”

“Because I am a member of the province committee, the discussion should take place in the province committee. Bhim Acharya’s remark does not matter. The meeting of the party’s province committee should decide this matter. The central committee then should approve the decision to take action against me.”

“If Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli decides to take action against me, then I am the son of a farmer. I will run my livelihood working on my farm.”

Mayor Chaudhary said he is confident the party will not punish him. “Because I am an honest leader. The party chose me and convinced me to become the mayor. The party knows my character.”

“But I will not excuse the corrupt individual, mafias and brokers. I will make them public. I am not afraid of them.”

When asked if it is good to threat and misbehave the media persons, he said, “Is it proper to attack the character of an honest leader.”

“I have not been this tough toward all the media persons. Some of them are after me even after I have not done anything wrong,” added Chaudhary who has often been accused of manhandling media persons.

“I know some journalists who had nothing some years ago but now have built bigger buildings. Should not they show income source?”

“Yes, I accept the journalists should not be misbehaved but should not they behave and write ethically?”

“They dragged me into corruption a year ago. I was accused of misappropriating funds while procuring CFL bulbs worth around Rs 10 million”

“But I was proved innocent. Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) could not establish my involvement. But the funds were misused in the CFL bulb purchase.”

“When I was in Bangkok trip, they published headlines claiming I committed irregularities in the CFL procurement process.”

“The two staffers even gave false statements in the court.”

“I once said I have already been tested in front of twenty thousand people. I am ready to be tested again in front of three lakh population and I will pass.”

“I have not committed corruption. You can come and visit my residence when you come to Itahari.”

Chaudhary was also pulled into controversy after he beat Manoj Dahal, a non-gazetted officer as well secretary of ward 19 of the sub-metropolis and allegedly manhandling sub-engineer Ram Khadka accusing him of asking for money while transferring his land.

He said he initially asked him to resign from the post.

“I told him I could produce proof. So on moral grounds, he should resign. But instead of accepting corruption he threatened me. So I grabbed his shoulder.

When asked was it appropriate to take the law into his hand?

He said, “Should I welcome the corrupts with garlands?”

“I will make public the corrupts one by one. People will punish them. They will put black smear on their face.“

If the law punishes me for black smearing their face, I m ready. But I will not excuse the corrupts. I cannot tolerate corruption.”