Cabinet reshuffle likely, says Prachanda

Pushpa Kamal Dahal

POKHARA, June 20: Prime Minister K P Sharma is mulling over reshuffling the cabinet, said Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, chairman of Nepal Communist Party.

“Discussions have taken place on the ways to reshuffle the government to some extent after the budget for the fiscal year of 2019/20 was unveiled. We, both chairpersons of the NCP, will sit to conclude some issues. Only then, we will reach a concrete conclusion. We have not yet reached a decision to make any changes in the government,” said the former Prime Minister speaking at a press conference organized in Pokhara by the Press Centre Nepal, Kaski, today.

He, however, said that the Prime Minister’s has the main role in reshuffling the government, and it would be done whenever he wants it.

Dahal also said that agreement between the two former parties CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) during the unification process is not a new issue.

“Unification itself is a great achievement. It is a signification step taken for the prosperity of the country. The people have already endorsed the unification. Therefore, the party cannot move away from it,” he said.

Likewise on the Guthi Bill, referring to the government having withdrawn the bill amidst a widespread protest, Chair Dahal said that the government was responsible for the people, and it would act for their welfare and on their wishes.

In another context, he stressed the need for amending and making changes in the Media Council Bill through a parliamentary process.

Saying problems have triggered due to lack of homework within the government and NCP regarding the bill, the NCP Chair said that future course of action would be taken in coming days in this regard only after holding discussion with stakeholders.