Bidari, Tripathi call each other ‘Torilaure’ and ‘bootlicker’, exchange offensive words in television interview (With video)

Janata Janna Chahanchan, controversial bills

Senior Advocate and National Assembly member from Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Ram Narayan Bidari and Senior Advocate Dinesh Tripathi exchanged offensive words in television interview Janata Janna Chahanchan on Saturday.

Reporters’ Club Nepal President and talk show host Rishi Dhamala had invited Bidari and Tripathi to talk about a number of bills introduced by the government that have sparked controversy and faced criticism across the country.

Recently, the government withdrew the controversial Guthi Bill registered at the National Assembly following the public pressure—the instance of a withdrawal of a bill under public pressure from streets. Likewise, Media Council Bill, Advertisement Bill, Transitional Justice Bill and National Security Council Bill also face criticisms.

Tripathi was of the view that the bills introduced by the government were intended to attack freedom and were against the spirit of the constitution.

“The government cannot present any bill stepping on the constitution. The parliament does not have the right to formulate law going against the constitution,” he said.

In response, Bidari insisted that the bills are supposed to be presented in the parliament by the government.

But, Bidari made a stupid mistake using an offensive word.

“If the government does not present bills, which ‘torilaure’ can bring them?”

“In a democratic society, private members can also introduce bills,” Tripathi said adding, “You cannot call a lawmaker torilaure?”

“I did not call any lawmaker torilaure? I called you torilaure,” Bidari said. This time his voice was a litter louder. “Because you are taking against the constitution,” he added.

“No, I have said anything anti-constitutional,” he said.

Tripathi responded saying, “No, it’s you who is taking against the constitution. You are offending the parliament.”

“You said only the government can introduce a bill. Isn’t it unconstitutional?” he added.

“Yes, private members can bring the bill. But is there any example like that? Thus, only parliament can bring a bill and discussion over the bill is only held in the parliament,” Bidari replied.

When Tripathi was saying, “In a democratic society, the lawmaking process…”

Bidari interrupted and replied aggressively, “Don’t talk about America. Does the Constitution of Nepal say the discussion on a bill is held outside the parliament?”

“I haven’t talked about America,” Tripathi responded. “Outside means consultation with stake holders, discussion among people.”

“Can you stop people from discussing a bill?”

“Why was the government forced to retreat? Is it because of public pressure from the streets?”

“Wasn’t the Guthi Bill withdrawn?” Tripathi added.

”If you say, the bill cannot be tabled in the parliament, where should it be tabled?…in Bhote Jatra?” Bidari replied.

Tripathi said,” You are taking wrong. Who has said the bill cannot be tabled in the parliament?

“We are only saying that a bill should be presented in accordance with the spirit of the constitution,” Tripathi added.

Bidari replied, “Who judges a proposed bill is either constitutional or unconstitutional? You or the Supreme Court?”

“How can you judge the rights of the parliament from the streets?” Bidari fumed.

“Why was the election of parliament held? You lost the election and became tiny. And you are saying….”

Tripathi interrupted, “Bidari ji, you are such a person who became a lawmaker not by winning the election but by bootlicking.”

Bidari replied, “And you? Haven’t a torilaure like you bootlicked European Union?”

“You are using offensive words. What is torilaure?” Tripathi was more aggressive this time. “What do you want to say Mr Bidari ji?

“Have you fought an election? What is your capacity? On what qualification did they make you a lawmaker?” Tripathi added.

Badari said: “What is your qualification? What have you done except bootlicking EU?”

Tripathi replied: “Besides bootlicking Prachanda and Sumargi, what have you done?”

“What is the source of your power? Isn’t it Sumargi? Don’t think we don’t know. And don’t talk big.”

“Have you ever faced people? How were you nominated?”

Bidari replied: “You status does not allow you to question me why I didn’t vie in the election?”

Thinking that the interview might go out of control, Dhamala interrupted and allowed each leader two minutes to speak.

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