Traffic police intensifies action against over speeding

traffic police

KATHMANDU, June 24: The Traffic Police have booked 940 drivers for over speeding. The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has stepped up campaign to reduce over speeding, citing an increase in accidents due to this.

MTPD has set the speed limit and started taking action under this law since June 11. Chief of the MTPD, Senior Superintendent Basanta Kumar Panta said a speed limit has been set for controlling the road accidents due to over speeding.

“We have been taking action against drivers driving at a speed more than 50 Km/hr from Kalanki to Koteshwar and in Bhaktapur section,” he said.

As many as 230 persons lost their lives to traffic accidents in the Kathmandu Valley in the current fiscal year alone.
Most of the casualties are motorcyclists, MTPD stated.

According to the Department of Transport Management, there are 3.3 million vehicles operating throughout the country, including around 900 thousand in the Kathmandu Valley. RSS