Govt officially withdraws controversial Guthi Bill from National Assembly

Guthi Bill

KATHMANDU, June 25: The government has officially withdrawn the controversial Guthi Bill registered at the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The National Assembly unanimously endorsed the proposal on the withdrawal of the Guthi bill tabled by Minister for Land Reforms Padma Kumar Aryal.

The bill introduced by the government last month sparked controversy drawing criticism from traditional Guthi supporters, stakeholders and lawmakers from both ruling Nepali Communist Party and opposition Nepali Congress.

Following the public pressure, Minister Aryal announced the decision to withdraw the bill through a press conference. Despite this, the dissatisfied public last week took to the streets the next day demanding the total cancelation of the bill saying the bill is a threat to centuries-old culture and tradition.

The protesters are not happy with some of the provisions of the Guthi Bill– especially the formation of Guthi Authority to oversee the Guthi properties that would effectively end the role of existing trustees who have so far been running the Guthis and the provision that would allow one occupying the Guthi land to acquire ownership certificates.

However, the government has said that the Guthi Bill was introduced to protect the culture, religion and century-old tradition. He had further clarified that the proposal to form the Guthi Authority was not aimed at running the administration of Guthi property.

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