Syringe attacker Karki attacked women ‘just for fun’

KATHMANDU, June 28: The police Friday made public Santosh Karki, who was detained on Thursday on the charge of carrying out a series of syringe attacks targeting women in Kathmandu.

The 30-year-old said his motive behind the attack on women was ‘just for fun’ but not to transmit any kind of disease. He also denied having used a syringe to attack women.

“I used a thin pointed wood or metallic object to prick the skin of women,” said Karki during the police interrogation. “I did it just for fun.”

Karki owns a restaurant in Maharajgunj.

He used to attack women with pointed objects while returning to his residence in Naikap after closing his restaurant at 10 pm, according to the police.

After the reports of some motorcycle-borne men attacking women with HIV-infected syringes terrorized the city, the Metropolitan police traced Karki examining the CCTV footage and arrested him from Maharajgunj last night.

The attack started on June 1 when a motorcycle-borne unidentified man attacked a woman with a thin sharp object in Kathmandu Metropolitan -16, which was followed by subsequent attacks on June 3 and June 15. Following the attack, a group of women had filed a complaint.

Karki was also been found responsible for two other similar attacks in Dhalkhu and Paknajol.

But his involvement in a similar attack that occurred in Banepa on Wednesday evening has not been established—where a woman accompanied by her daughter became the victim as she was attacked with a syringe-like object while she was walking on the road.

Police have also taken control of the motorcycle Ba 47 Pa 1331 he used the syringe attack.

SSP Sahakul Bahadur Shah said that further investigation is going on in the case.