Daughter hired contract killers to murder Sabitri: Police

Sabitri Bhattarai murder case

BHAKTAPUR, June 30: Sabitri Bhattrai’s own daughter was found involved in her murder, according to the police preliminary investigation.

Bhattarai, 60, was found murdered in cold blood at her son-in-law’s house in Changunarayan-7, Bhaktapur on Sunday. A group of three unidentified men had broken into her house and slit her throat at around 10:30 am in the morning.

The police have arrested her 27-year-old daughter Ishwori, Mohammad Nausad of Kalyanpur-4, Siraha and Indian nationals Arjun Kumar aka Vola Kumar and Mohammad Raes for their alleged involvement the murder of Sabitri.

The police arrested Nausad from Gajhuri of Dhading at around 7:00 pm yesterday evening and Kumar and Raes from Makwankur at around 3:00 am in the morning.

Ishwori was having an affair with Mohammad Nausad, a resident of Thimi. But after her mother found about their relationship, the couple planned her murder, according to SSP Shakul Bahadur Thapa.

Ishwori and Nausad had falled in love while they both were working in a garment factroy some months ago, according to the police.

The daughter and her lover hired contract killers Arjun Kumar aka Vola Kumar and Mohammad Raes from India to kill Sabitri. The contract killers were paid NRS 12,00,000 to finish her, according to the police.

Kumar had grabbed Sabitri’s hands, Nausad had closed her mouths and Raes had slit her throat using a sharp weapon, according to the investigation.