School teacher attacked by syringe attacker in Dhanusha: Report

Syringe attack in Dhanusha

KATHMANDU, July 4: A school teacher was attacked with a syringe-like sharp object near Baluwa river in Dhanusha on Thursday.

Madan Adhikari was going to school on a bike when an unidentified young man called him. Adhikari stopped his bike and went to the young man thinking he might be asking for help. But suddenly the man attacked him on his right arm with a sharp pointed object and ran away, reported Republica quoting the school teacher.

The attacker also used vulgar words before pricking him, it further reported adding, the attacker fled the scene on a motorcycle bearing an Indian number plate.

The syringe attack takes place following a wave of syringe attack targeting women that rocked Kathmandu.

On June 27, the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police had detained Santosh Karki for his involvement in carrying out a series of attacks on women in different parts of the capital.

The 30-year-old restaurant owner during the police investigation had said that he used sharp pointed objects instead of syringe to attack women.

He also stated that his motive behind the attacks were not intended to transmit diseases but “just for fun”.

A similar attack had also taken place in Banepa Municipality of Kavrepalanchowk the same week. However, Karki’s connection with syringe attack in Banepa was not established.

Dhanusha District Police have alerted the locals to inform them about the suspicious activities to prevent further similar incidents.

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