A true communist does not champion parliamentary system: Baidya (With video)

Mohan Baidya


KATHMANDU, July 21: The communist revolution has failed in Nepal because the communist leaders have abandoned their principle and championed the parliamentary practice, said Mohan Baidya, chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist).

“A true communist does not embrace the parliamentary system,” he said in a television interview Janata Janna Chahanchan.

“It’s not just Baidya, but the parliamentary system as a whole is on the verge of failure in the world.”

“Nepal Communist Party Chair duo K P Shama Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal both have ditched the communism. They are not true communist leaders,” he added.

“People voted them in the election thinking that they are true communists. But they are indeed the supporter of parliament.”

However, he said that his party can embrace the parliamentary system as a ladder.

According to him, the only alternative to the corrupt system is the birth of a new communist revolution led by true communists.

When asked if a new people’s revolution is possible in the country which is still recovering from the decade long Maoist insurgency, he said, “It is possible. Neither the Nepali Congress nor the so-called communists have been able to solve the problems and sufferings of the people they have been facing for long.”

“People will seek transformation for their rights and end their sufferings. Only true communists can and will solve their problems. Thus, I say a fresh armed communist revolution is unavoidable in the days ahead.”

Baidya argued that the path of violence as per the necessity is a must in revolution as it is the principle of the communism.

“A minimum killing will occur. Violence will be used as per the need because it is the principle of the communism.”

“Only weapons can turn over the entire system. The only concern is how to minimize violence.”

“Why does the government keep security force? Let the government dissolve the security bodies and distribute the weapon to the people. Then, we will say there should not be any violence.”

He, however, said that he is not preparing for an armed conflict any time soon.

“Our revolution is still going on. Whether and when to start armed conflict will be decided by how the revolution evolves and how the state responds.”

“The ultimate revolution needs a long political preparation and unity of powers. We are in the same direction. All the true communist revolutionists, patriots will be united to form a great power.”

Baidya said that negotiation with Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’ led Communist Party of Nepal is not possible at the moment.

“Biplav is in the wrong direction. Though Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai deviated from the party line to accept the parliamentary system, I have not. Biplav formed a new work direction and split from us.”

“We still believe that Biplav and we should work together. We can hold talks and amend our political lines. But not in the current circumstances.”