Democratic principle under attack: Deuba

37th BP Memorial Day


KATHMANDU, July 22: Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba has claimed that BP Koirala’s democratic principle is being largely attacked.

In his address to a symposium entitled “BP’s thought and current political status” organized by the Martyrs Memorial Foundation in the capital on Monday to commemorate the 37th BP Memorial Day, the former Prime Minister said any attempt to hamper the international norms and values of democracy will not be tolerated.

“If any bill capable of curtailing democratic norms and values is introduced, we will be compelled to hit the parliament as well as the street,” he said.

Deuba accused the government of attempting to attack democracy by introducing the Media Council Bill and the Bill Related to the Human Rights Commission.

He described the bills aiming to place a hook on human rights and the freedom of expression. The main opposition party leader further alleged the government for indulging in the game of sweeping off the oppositions by tapping personal telephone calls.

He furthered that the achievement of national prosperity within a short period was possible if BP’s development thought was adopted.

“BP Koirala who owns multiple identities– as a writer, socialist thinker and a prominent political leader– was really an extraordinary figure.”

According to Deuba, BP was dedicated to the principle that nationalism, socialism and democracy should be taken ahead simultaneously and returned home with the ‘national reconciliation policy’ out of his love towards the nation. Democracy was the core thing in his life and he was a strong believer that socialism without democracy was never possible.

Vice President Bimalendra Nidhi was of the view that all should internalize that democracy was the first condition for nationality, democracy and socialism which kept people at the first as per the late BP’s principle.

NC Spokesperson Bishwa Prakash Sharma said BP had achieved a greater height in terms of the achievement of democracy by the nation.

“BP is the source of inspirations of all political leadership existing in the country, and it is widely accepted that the nation and people would have different status if the king and communists had well understood him.”

Foundation’s Founder Dhundiraj Shastri said the idea of the path of democratic socialism presented, advocated and exercised by BP was the appropriate destination for the welfare of humanity.

Foundation’s chair Khilanath Dahal and Vice-Chair Anjali Shrestha were of the view that duties and responsibilities to the families of martyrs should not be overlooked.

On the occasion, the Foundation’s founder and former minister Shastri was honored by leader Deuba who also launched a book ‘Martyrs’ published by the Foundation on the occasion. RSS