Sushma Karki’s hot swimsuit photos go viral

Sushma Karki swimsuit photos

Actress and glamour model Sushma Karki’s bikini photos, which were uploaded recently in facebook, have gone viral on social media.

Many online portals have taken the opportunity to cover her sexy swimsuit photos taken in a swimming pool at Hotel Himalaya.

The 26-year-old actress is famous for her tattoo and bikini avatars.

Two years ago Karki had gone viral in media for her red bikini photos in a swimming pool at Hayat Hotel.

Karki is also famous for her tattoo (shape of the sun) on her left breast. Many believe that other models and actresses followed her style of getting tattoos on private parts.

Karki came to limelight through her item dance in Udhreko Choli in Nepali blockbuster movie Loot (2012). She was also well received for her bold role in the movie Bidass (2012). She has already played her part in nine movies. Her next movie Gupt is set to be released on May 31, 2019.