KMC starts producing compost from biodegradable waste

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KATHMANDU, July 26: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has begun producing compost by making use of biodegradable waste generated from houses.

KMC’s efforts aim to make use of biodegradable garbage generated from the city, which also helps waste management of the Kathmandu Valley, said KMC’s spokesperson Ishworman Dangol.

Waste collected is categorized and only biodegradable garbage is extracted for use, he said.

“A large amount of biodegradable waste is produced from houses. We are focusing on managing such garbage in the local level,” he said.

The KMC is testing the compost production from Dallu area, and it will be expanded in the coming days, he said.

Over 50 houses in the area are collecting waste for this purpose.

The KMC has separate vehicles to carry biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.

“Utilizing biodegradable garbage at the local level will decrease the total amount of waste collected from the KMC for management,” said Dangol.

Out of its total 32 wards, KMC is picking garbage from eight, and the private sector is employed to manage waste from the remaining 24. Some private organizations are also helping in this regard, said Hari Kumar Shrestha, KMC, Environment Department Chief.

Over 350 metric tons of waste is generated from the KMC on a daily basis. RSS