Name list of applicants of the second phase of Special EPS-TOPIK exam (CBT only)

EPS-TOPIK Exam 2019

KATHMANDU, July 28: The EPS-Korea Department, Gwarkho has sent the name list of the applicants who registered for the second phase of the Special EPS-TOPIK examination or computer-based test (CBT) to the HRD Korea. The Department has made the list of the applicants public.

If any applicants have been left out, they will have to contact the department by July 30 (Shrawan 14, 2076).

It may be noted that the notice or the name list below is for those EPS workers who have applied for the computer-based test.

The language proficiency test (EPS-TOPIK exam) is compulsory for the Nepali migrant workers looking for employment in South Korea.

Once selected for a job, the South Korean government extends the permit for four years. According to the EPS Section, more than 5,000 labor migrants have returned from Korea after completing their tenure.

Normally fresh workers in Korea get job opportunity in the manufacturing, agriculture and livestock sectors.

Those who have worked in Korea legally for three years can apply for computer-based test (CBT), and those who clear the CBT are eligible to work in the service and construction sectors as well. But in recent years, the Korean government started prioritizing CBT for manufacturing jobs as well.

EPS Korea is a government-to-government initiative between the two countries, signed on July 23, 2007. Nepal started sending workers to South Korea from 2008 August.