Should bid farewell to federal system as soon as possible: Constitutional expert Dr Acharya

Constitutional expert Dr Bimarjun Acharya

KATHMANDU, Aug 2: Constitutional expert Dr. Bimarjun Acharya has argued that the federal system in Nepal should be dissolved as soon as possible.

Dr. Acharya’s remark comes after the Province 2 government filed a lawsuit against the federal government charging the latter for usurping the provincial government’s power—the first instance of a case filed at the Apex Court challenging the jurisdiction of the central government after the country adopted federalism.

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of Province 2 on Thursday filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court challenging the government’s June 6 move to merge the Sagarnath Forest Development Project with the Timber Corporation of Nepal. The Provincial ministry has demanded the dismissal of the merger request.

The Province 2 on March 8 had decided to bring the Forest Development Project covering 13,132 hectares of land in Sarlahi, Mahottaria and Rautahat districts under the provincial government. However, the Office of Prime Minister on June 6 decided to merge the Forest Project with the Timber Corporation—the decision which the Province 2 Forest Minister Ramnaresh Raya has claimed as central government’s interference in the jurisdiction of the Province 2 government.

“The Province 2 government has filed a writ petition against the federal government. The federal system is a system full of writs and tensions. It is a heavenly system for those who entertain as such issues. The climax is yet to reveal. If possible, the federal system should be bid farewell as soon as possible,” tweeted Dr. Acharya.