Mahato slams ‘immature’ govt for scraping citizenships without clarifying details


KATHMANDU, Aug 5: Rastriya Janata Party Nepal leader Rajendra Mahato has slammed the government for scrapping the citizenships with clarifying the details of the individuals.

The government on Sunday scrapped the citizenship of seven people including a ‘Rajendra Mahato’ without mentioning the address and other details of the concerned individuals.

“Which Rajendra Mahato’s citizenship has been canceled? There are thousands of people with the same name. Has the government scrapped my citizenship… or whose? How immature is the government,” Mahato vented ire speaking in the parliament.

“The government’s immaturity has spread rumors about me. They should apologize for defaming me and several other people,” he said.

“What if somebody tells Krishna Bahadur Mahara is a crook and should be put in jail?”

After Mahato pronounced Mahara’s name, the ruling Nepali Communist Party lawmakers and the Speaker had expressed serious objection toward his use of language in the parliament.