Shortage of employees taking toll on Karnali Province

Shortage of employees in Karnali state

Although the Karnali state has a total of 936 employees at present, the state government still needs about 658 staffs to function properly.

SURKHET, Aug 6: The shortage of employees in the Karnali Province has been affecting the daily performance of the provincial government.

According to Information Officer at the Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers of Karnali, Keshav Prasad Upadhyay, the state is in dire need of more than 600 employees.

The employees who preferred to work in Karnali has started arriving in their workplace. A total of 936 government staffs are present in offices so far and 398 are still to be present.

“It seems the state has to face shortage of employees this year as well,” said Upadhyay.

A total of 1,992 employee quotas were allocated for Karnali state during the employees adjustment process.

“There is a crisis of 658 employees in the state,” he added.

This is the highest number of crisis of employees toward technical groups.

According to the Karnali government, it has been facing problems in its daily performance in lack of the required number of employees.

According to Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, the acute shortage of government staff is the result of employees’ choice of other provinces.

The government concluded the adjustment of over 100,000 civil servants in all the three tiers of government on March 28 as per the Employees Adjustment Act—which was supposed to end the staff shortages at provincial and local governments.

But, as most government employees chose the federal government instead when given the option— it resulted in the crunch of staff at local and provincial levels.

The adjustment of the employees from Karnali to elsewhere has also aggravated the shortage of staff at state.