Test date and time of second CBT examination 2019 published (With Test date, time and venue)

ESP-TOPIK second CBT test

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: The EPS Korea Department has published the schedule of the second CBT examination. The tests will be held from September 2, 2019 till October 23, 2019.

The 3225 examinees have been divided into four shifts/sessions. The test of the examinees grouped under first shift will be held at 10:00 am while the orientation is scheduled at 9:00 am; second shift test will be held at 11:30 am (orientation at 10:30 am); third shift test will be held at 14:00 pm (orientation at 13:00 pm); and fourth shift test will be held at 15:30 pm (orientation at 14:30 pm). The orientation has been scheduled one hour before the test.  All the examinations will be held at CBT Hall, Gwarkho.

Points to be noted (as mentioned in the notice):

Applicants must enter the CBT Hall before orientation time.

Applicants must carry original Passport and Admit Card. Without all documents examinee will be allowed to take a exam.

Mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionary and other electronic devices are not allowed in the test room.

If the applicant is caught cheating, the test will be made void, and the applicant will be banned from taking the EPS-TOPIK for the next three years.

Passing EPS-TOPIK does not guarantee employment in Korea. It only allows you to register your job application.

Applicants can change the industry (sector) or job category as their interest before the orientation starts in CBT Test room.

See your test schedule below: