Dahal’s secretariat challenges to prove there is Rs 21 b in deceased son’s name in Dubai

Prakash Dahal

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: Personal Secretariat of Nepal Communist Party Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has refuted the rumors that his deceased son Prakash Dahal has billions of rupees in his name in a bank in Dubai.

Issuing a press release on Tuesday, Dahal’s personal secretary Jokh Bahadur Mahara claimed the reports are false and fabricated and challenged to prove there is any money in foreign banks.

Chair Dahal had recently been to Dubai in a family visit with his spouse Sita Dahal and two daughters Renu and Ganga. However, the purpose of his visit was exaggerated and falsified by some “ill-intended people” spreading rumors that “there is Rs 21 billion in the name of his deceased son and Chair Dahal had gone to Dubai to manage that account.”

“The Secretariat refutes and condemns such false rumors. These rumors are only aimed at damaging the reputation of the country’s leadership” the press release reads.

“We challenge to prove there is Rs 21 billion his Chair Dahal’s deceased son’s name.”

“We also demand action against the individuals involved in spreading such conspiratorial and false publicity.”