Death of a media personnel: Aggravated Suicide of Journalist Salikram Pudasaini

Salikram Pudasaini

“The money that you have earned will burn you someday, Rabi you have driven me to this point where I have nothing left but to end my own life, I hope you are convicted for my death according to Nepalese law”.  ( Late Journalist Salikram Pudasaini in his final video )

A video has surfaced on online media portal which shows late journalist Salikram Pudasaini disheartened and ululating. In a video accessed and released by Nepal Aaja, Salikram can be seen taking names of prominent media figure Rabi Lamichhane, Yuvraj Kandel, and Asmita Karki.

This video said to be recorded just before Salikram commits suicide narrates events that unfolded that brought him to take this drastic measure.  He states that “I was living a comfortable life running a security business earning 1.5 lakhs a month”.  

Journalist Salikram also has spoken at length on various ways in which huge amounts of money was collected from different business spectrums while he was largely underpaid, overworked and accrued debt.

The entire episode took a drastic turn when Salikram was founding hanging in Kangaroo Hotel near Narayanghat Bus Park on the 5th of August. He was working for Mountain News and hosting “Mission News”. On the other hand Rabi Lamichhane is an acclaimed journalist working for News 24.

At this point it is unsure, and there are several questions that go unanswered. Foremost being why Salikram left his business and started working in a largely underpaid job. Secondly, his failed relationship as he mentions with Asmita who apparently is a healthcare professional.

A thorough investigation is required to bring matters to light, but if at all the accused are guilty, then justice should be given to late journalist Salikram Pudaisaini. From this video that has surfaced and is increasing the rounds of social media, it appears to be a suicide that was aggravated by several factors, such as workplace bullying, and extreme exploitation.

Police investigation is underway, and more information is yet to ascertain whether this was aggravated suicide or is it something more that would amount to culpable homicide.  Uncertainty will prolong as new facts emerge as to why a popular journalist in Nepal was driven to the point of taking his own life.