“Hoist nat’l flag on everyone’s house” – PM calls for increased participation in Constitution Day celebration

Constitution Day and National Day Main Celebration Committee Meeting

KATHMANDU, Aug 21: Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli has urged one and all to celebrate the Constitution and National Day with greater participation and enthusiasm this year.

“The Constitution of Nepal was a historic achievement of Nepali people, their struggle and their sacrifice. The constitution has adopted federal republic system in the country. It has the stories of sorrows, tears and sacrifices in the past; complexities and necessities of the present; and offers a guideline for a future destination,” said PM Oli while addressing the meeting of the Constitution Day and National Day Main Celebration Committee at the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday.

“The Constitution Day itself marks the occasion when the rights of every Nepali citizen were guaranteed and protected, setting off a journey toward dignity, opportunity, security, prosperity and happiness. The country’s main law has addressed people’s expressions and mandates. The constitution as a document of common understanding has incorporated the spirit of greater national interests and national aspirations,” he added.

“Everyone, from the business community to teachers to every household… Let’s join the celebration of our historic and glorious achievement. Let’s hoist the national flag in everyone house on this day.”

“It is a common festival of all the Nepalis both at home and abroad. It is the festival of the entire nation. All local, provincial and federal government should observe this festival in a grand manner,” he added.

He also urged the administration in all the government offices to summon the civil servants and engage them in celebration. Moreover, the prime minister has directed the security officials to beef up security so that people would celebrate the Day with much fanfare.

The meeting has decided to celebrate the Day in a grand manner for three consecutive days starting from September 19. Formal preparations for the same will start from September 13.

The meeting also passed the proposal presented by the Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Prem Kumar Rai containing the detailed plan on how to observe the Constitution Day.

The Constitution Day and National Day falls on September 20.


During the meeting, PM Oli appraised of his visit to Singapore on Thursday for his health check-up, adding he would return before the Constitution Day.

The 68-year-old said, “I am going to Singapore for my regular health check-up and medical treatment. I was taken ill fifteen years ago, despite the illness, I am doing fine and will do fine next fifteen years too.”

“It will take me only few days in Singapore for treatment. I will return home before the Constitution Day,” the PM said.