Police investigating Pudasaini’s death submit their report to district attorneys

Salikram Pudasaini suicide

KATHMANDU, Aug 25: The police officials investigating into the alleged involvement of television presenter Rabi Lamichhane and two other in abetting journalist Salikram Pudasaini to commit suicide have submitted their report to the Chitwan District Attorney’s Office on Sunday.

Lamichhane, his associate Yuvraj Kandel and nurse Asmita Karki were arrested from Kathmandu two weeks ago after the police recovered a video clip in which Pudasaini held the trio “responsible” for deciding to kill himself.

Lamichhane’s ex-colleague Pudasaini was found hanging by a ceiling fan in a room at Hotel Kangaroo in Narayangadh on August 5.

Meanwhile, the police have presented the trio before the district court as the re-extended five-day custody come to final day today.

Discussion on whether to release the trio on bail or extend their custody will be discussed in the court now.